Versatile Artist and Graphic Designer


I was born in the small touristic city of Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul in South Brazil. Art has been a part of my life as far as I can remember and my favorite class which was the only one that I really could stay after hours without a single complaint was “Arts Education” as it was called.

Since I was 5-years-old, a piece of paper and a pen were my favorite toys, and drawing was my most enjoyable pastime. In the past, I worked as a cartoonist for a local Newspaper (Jornal de Gramado). Every week for four years I wrote and illustrated original satirical cartoons that were sometimes sarcastic, critical or just fun observations about what was going on in my city.

It was at that time when I decided on the career that I wanted to pursue. Advertising was that choice, so while I was attending University I realized that there were many different routes I could take, but my passion for Design was stronger than ever.

While I was studying, my new pastime was learning new techniques and all about design software. Most of the time I taught myself, sometimes other classmates and to my surprise, even the teacher. I did so because I loved it and not much has changed from then until now. That's why I usually start my jobs with a real pencil and paper, no matter if it’s a napkin with a broken pen the most important thing is never to forget the idea.





With more than 18 years of experience, I’m a versatile self-taught graphic artist. Open minded and easy to work with, whether on a team or one on one. By always focusing on the target audience, I try to put the obvious upside down and vice versa depending on the need, thus combining design and advertising as well as marketing.